We are the Mythical Buddies also known as My Buddies.

Welcome to our Web Site

We are a collection of Friends, Buddies, Helpers, Guardians and Guides.. working together to help expand our consciousness.....to flourish... to thrive... to prosper in Unity and Love for All Creations.


Check out ShaktiHeart.com to learn more about the Yoga Charms. They are real unsullied Magic charms you can program for what you desire.


To help Stop the bullies we created books, game cards and a web site. Please check it out at www.the-bullies.com

Our site has been on the web since 1998 we where first listed as Mythical Buddies and then changed to My Buddies. It has changed many times and we are again in the process of redesigning it. Please check back later with us.

Thank you for stopping by:-)



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